Our Partnership With The Autism Academy Organization

Since 2014, Art One Gallery, Inc. and the NCBFST Foundation for Student Artists have worked closely with the Autism Academy of Phoenix. A rotating inventory of the students’ work is shown and sold at the gallery, with all proceeds going back to the organization. We aim to provide funds for the Academy to continue purchasing supplies and keep their art programs flourishing. 


Art One normally represents artists who are high school-aged and older, but the Academy’s students range from 5-23 years old. We happily make an exception for them so their art does not go unnoticed. With help from our generous clientele and local business sponsors, we receive art related donations nearly monthly, which are often given to the Academy.

For example, The Brush Bar, located near our Old Town Scottsdale storefront, recently gave us more than 50 used canvases to be given to a school in need. We immediately notified the Autism Academy, who gladly accepted them. Since the canvases had previously been painted over, they each had to be prepped for the students’ use. Amy Floyd, the Academy’s dedicated, resourceful, and talented art coordinator, took the time out of her busy schedule to make sure this was taken care of. Just a few weeks later, Mrs. Floyd notified us that she was, “on my way with new work!”, using the donated materials. Within one month of this, we had sold every single one! At $40/each, we were able to raise $2000 for the Autism Academy Art Department.

Help us to continue providing supplies and keep the art department flourishing at the Autism Academy of Phoenix; please consider making a donation to our 501(c)(3) non-profit foudation for student artists here: https://www.artonefoundation.com/donate/ 

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