College Student Artist: Logan Larkin


Written by Logan Kurtz Larkin

My artwork has always been rooted in my own experiences with art and the many emotions that come with creating a new piece of art. I try and take in as much of the world as possible and regurgitate it in a way that feels right–often loaded with color. 

I am extremely fortunate to have had access to paint and other art supplies from a young age, experimenting with watercolors and acrylics as well as spray paint since elementary school allowed me to expand my own vision of what the materials were possible of. In high school, I realized how making artwork, particularly painting, is my true passion and I began to take learning and making artwork much more seriously. I had a desire to make bigger artwork, and expand my knowledge with oil paints which came at a higher price than most acrylic paints. I worked a job all through high school, and with the savings from that, I was able to buy my first professional grade oil paints.

By junior year of high school, I knew that I would need a strong portfolio to apply to college with if I wanted to attend an art school and I wanted to stand out. My Dad convinced me to start working on larger canvases, which I had strayed from because buying pre-stretched canvases was extremely costly. However, my dad had a chop saw in the garage, and with his help, I was to build my own canvas stretcher frames. The possibilities of canvas size felt endless. Once I had a few of my first larger artworks I began to reach out to various art spaces. Art One gallery responded to me and supported my artwork by representing me and providing me with the funds from the sale of some of my very first paintings. This experience alone was one of the driving forces that gave me the confidence to advance my skills in painting. 

Skip ahead five years, and I am now entering my Senior year in the BFA Fine Arts program at Parsons School of Design in New York City. When I visit Arizona to see friends and family I bring back artwork that I made at college to sell with Art One. The money from the sales of my paintings has gone directly into paying for art supplies for school, and other college expenses. As I was preparing for my Senior Thesis in my spring semester of Junior year COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic. I was fortunate to be visiting Arizona at the time but I was displaced from my studio and supplies in New York. Due to COVID-19 my college shutdown in person and most of New York City began to see the worst part of the pandemic’s effects. I needed to finish my coursework, but being stuck in Arizona and away from my supplies that I spent my savings on at the beginning of the semester I was in a bind. In order to continue my practice while I was in Arizona, Art One supported me with a grant so that I could get the supplies I needed to finish my coursework remotely.


I am forever grateful for the support and guidance Art One has provided me with over the years and they have supported my art career more than I think they are even aware of. From being able to make money from my artwork to the self-confidence that comes with having someone represent your work. I wish to start something similar to one day where I can support and encourage other artists to keep being themselves and making great work.

Here is a more in-depth conversation with Logan from our video series at the gallery, The Art One Show:

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