Submission Guidelines – NCBFST Foundation for Student Artists

Here is how you can submit to recieve actual cash for art related projects!

(Please note that these are submission guidelines for our non-profit organization, not to show within the gallery.)

  1. Please provide us with proof that you are a current high school or college student. We will accept a student ID, recent paperwork affiliated with the school, and a reference letter*  from a teacher.
  2. You must be taking an art class in order to be eligable for funds.  
  3. In a few brief paragraphs please give us information about yourself including your age and history, plans for future education, and your experience with art. 
  4. We also need to know what kind of project you are trying to accomplish and an estimated budget for supplies, etc. This estimated budget will be what you receive if your submission is approved.

    ** REQUIRED: We ask that you kindly include a reference letter with your submission in order to ensure the funds would be going to a viable candidate. Reference letters can come from family and friends, however we would perfer they come from someone who knows you from your school.