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If you are reading this, you have found your way to our brand new website! Here you will learn about Art One’s 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the NCBFST Foundation for Student Artists. Our mission is to provide student artists and school art programs with funds for necessary supplies and equipment.

NCBFST originally launced in 2004 as the Newlon-Foote Foundation, and continues to work directly with Art One Gallery, Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona. Art One celebrates its 26th anniversary in November 2019 and prides itself in representing student and local artists of Arizona. 

The gallery receives numerous types of donations from local businesses and clientele, which are then given back to the community in an effort to support student artists. We accept all art-related items, including paper, paints, frames, fabrics, magazines, and sewing machines!

Additionally, applicants are eligible for monetary compensation through a submission process. We ask , as well as a small explanation of what it is they wish to accomplish and the tools needed to complete it. All submissions are reviewed by our board. Please see the “_________” section of our website for detailed information.

On the blog section of this site, we will share exclusive insights from past and present Art One artists and learn about their road to success in the art industry, as well as some struggles that accompany it. We hope to hear from beneficiaries we’ve helped along the way so future applicants can see the range of our foundation.

Through our foundation, we strive to nurture up-and-coming student artists in their journey through the art world. Together, we will create a community of encouragement and believe in these students as they give it their all. In order to flourish in the art business, we must all communicate and share our wealth of ideas. Success follows persistance, and only then can one witness their own transformation.

NCBFST = Nurture, Create, Believe, Flourish, Succeed, Transform

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